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Re: Attempting to access the GD-8200 GPS

From: Stuart Blake Tener
Subject: Re: Attempting to access the GD-8200 GPS
Date: Thu, 14 Jul 2022 21:48:57 -0400
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Thank you so very much for your most brisk response.

I presume when you said you are "not familiar with that one", you meant the Leadtek GPS receiver (neither was I) and that you know about Kali Linux (especially as you seem aware it is Debian based)! :) I did find what I believe to their website in Taiwan ( and reached out to them to get some technical information from them, I have yet to receive a response.

I tried cgps and found it to be most useful, though I cannot say the same about xpgs. xgps seems to not even have a place to click to maximize it, the font is terrible and I had trouble even seeing the bottom of its opening window. I ran cgps with the "-s" option which extirpated the GPS sentence spewing from the mix. The cgps screen is also formed nicely and is very aesthetically pleasing notwithstanding the fact that it is a TUI.

Regarding "/etc/default/gpsd", if that is not a part of the standard distribution of the gpsd then I understand entirely.

I will try the "gpsctl -s ${baud}" command later, but I do not  think my GPS is supported hardware.

I also believe that if after 10-15 minutes almanac and ephemeral data are still remaining unpopulated this surely gives greater weight to the argument that my hardware may well be defective to some extent. Initially I discounted that idea seeing it was providing date and some other GPS sentences, but I now realize it likely ready for replacement.

I also did some additional research and now realize that all you get with PPS (as far as GPS time is concerned) is picosecond to microsecond accuracy, something I do not care about. My laptop or any of my lab boxes could 5 seconds off and it would not mean anything to me.

Thanks again!

Very Respectfully,

Stuart Blake Tener, BScCS, N3GWG (Extra), MROP
Computer Scientist / FCC Licensed Radio Operator

Las Vegas, NV / Philadelphia, PA

(310) 358-0202 Mobile Phone
(215) 338-6005 Google Voice

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