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is it safe to put dictwrapper in a container to use it later?

From: Beta Tester
Subject: is it safe to put dictwrapper in a container to use it later?
Date: Sat, 9 Jul 2022 10:29:21 +0200


in python, `` returns items of type `dictwrapper`.
i want to put many of these items in a container (e.g.: queue) to handel them 
all later.

i am not sure if the data inside the `dictwrapper` are object references that 
will be reused somewhere in another call of 
``/``/`gps.waiting()`/gps.close()` so that the data in the 
stored items in the container can be modified.

at the moment, because i am not sure about that, i make a heavy recursive copy 
of the returned `dictwrapper` items and put that heavy copy to the container.

now i am wondering, if that heavy copy i really needed and waste of workload.

so my question is, is it safe to put `dictwrapper` items i get from 
`` to a container without modifying its data in another call of 
``/``/`gps.waiting()`/gps.close()` ?

PS.: before i put the item to the container, i add the `gps.valid` value to the 
item, to not loose its validity information.

PPS.: at the moment i do not know what items data will be used in the 
containers items handler. thats the reason, why i want to put the whole item as 
is to the container and not selective item data.

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