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RE: ✘GPS 3.24 is released!

From: Rick Howitt
Subject: RE: ✘GPS 3.24 is released!
Date: Sun, 8 May 2022 06:15:10 -0400

Gary and Ralph,

I have a similar need to use ntrip, but also cannot guarantee that the internet 
(via cell modem) will be available when gpsd starts.  

Is it possible to use the control socket and add the ntrip source at some 
The later-point-in-time would be controlled by another process that monitors 
the connection to the internet and when it determines that access to the ntrip 
site was available it would add ntrip to gpsd via the control socket.

Rick Howitt

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From: gpsd-users <> On Behalf Of 
Gary E. Miller
Sent: Tuesday, May 3, 2022 3:15 PM
To: gpsd dev <>; gpsd users <>
Subject: Re: ✘GPS 3.24 is released!

Yo Ralph!

On Tue, 3 May 2022 15:00:37 +0200
Ralph Nemitz <> wrote:
> > > Npoe.  Try to start gpsd with "-D 4" and grab the log for the 
> > > first minute.
> > >
> > > The NTRIP code at startup has not changed for reconnect.  Must be
> > > something happening that is not setting up for reconnect.    
> > I started "/usr/sbin/gpsd -D 4 -n -P /var/run/ /dev/ttyGNSS
> > /dev/pps0 -G ntrip://user:passswd@" once with 
> > gsm connection and once whithout.
> That was WAY more than just the 1st inute of gpsd on the failure.
> But I eventually found the exit point:
> May  3 12:11:24 obelix user.crit gpsd[1757]: gpsd:ERROR: NTRIP:
> ntrip_stream_req_probe(user:passwd@ connect 
> error can't connect to host/port pair(-6) May  3 12:11:24 obelix 
> user.crit gpsd[1757]: gpsd:ERROR: initial GPS device 
> ntrip://user:passwd@ open failed May  3
> 10:11:24 obelix user.crit gpsd[1757]: gpsd:ERROR:
> ntrip://user:passwd@ device activation failed, 
> freeing device.
> Whish is what I epxeccted.  When gpsd can not connect to the NTRIP 
> server on startup, it give up forever.  Working around that would be 
> non-trivial.

Oh, looking some more, wors then I thought:

May  3 12:10:38 obelix user.crit gpsd[979]: gpsd:ERROR: can't bind to IPv4 port 
2947, Cannot assign requested address(99) May  3 12:10:38 obelix 
bluetoothd[958]: Bluetooth management interfa ce 1.14 initialized May  3 
12:10:38 obelix user.crit gpsd[979]: gpsd:ERROR: can't create IPv6 socket May  
3 12:10:38 obelix user.crit gpsd[979]: gpsd:ERROR: command sockets creation  
failed, netlib errors -1, -1

You do not even have IPv4 up when gpsd starts.  gpsd tries to open an
IPv4 socket, and fails.  The gpsd drops root.  Game over.

Gary E. Miller Rellim 109 NW Wilmington Ave., Suite E, Bend, OR 97703  Tel:+1 541 382 8588

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    "If you can't measure it, you can't improve it." - Lord Kelvin

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