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Re: ✘GPS 3.24 is released!

From: Gary E. Miller
Subject: Re: ✘GPS 3.24 is released!
Date: Tue, 3 May 2022 12:11:02 -0700

Yo Ralph!

On Tue, 3 May 2022 15:00:37 +0200
Ralph Nemitz <> wrote:

> > Npoe.  Try to start gpsd with "-D 4" and grab the log for the first
> > minute.
> >
> > The NTRIP code at startup has not changed for reconnect.  Must be
> > something happening that is not setting up for reconnect.  
> I started "/usr/sbin/gpsd -D 4 -n -P /var/run/ /dev/ttyGNSS 
> /dev/pps0 -G ntrip://user:passswd@" once with
> gsm connection and once whithout.

That was WAY more than just the 1st inute of gpsd on the failure.

But I eventually found the exit point:

May  3 12:11:24 obelix user.crit gpsd[1757]: gpsd:ERROR: NTRIP: 
ntrip_stream_req_probe(user:passwd@ connect error can't 
connect to host/port pair(-6)
May  3 12:11:24 obelix user.crit gpsd[1757]: gpsd:ERROR: initial GPS device 
ntrip://user:passwd@ open failed
May  3 10:11:24 obelix user.crit gpsd[1757]: gpsd:ERROR: 
ntrip://user:passwd@ device activation failed, freeing 

Whish is what I epxeccted.  When gpsd can not connect to the NTRIP server
on startup, it give up forever.  Working around that would be non-trivial.

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