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Re: Getting PDOP, VDOP and HDOP in C

From: Matha Goram
Subject: Re: Getting PDOP, VDOP and HDOP in C
Date: Tue, 29 Mar 2022 06:57:26 -0500
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Hello David,

You may be familiar with

    Essentials of Satellite Navigation
    Jean-Marie Zogg

It has formulae for the parameters of interest to you. Apologies if this reply is a redundant.

--- Matha.

On 3/28/22 23:29, David Taylor wrote:
I have a program which returns a valid gps_data_t named gps_data.  My knowledge and reading of the headers isn't good enough to find how to get the three variables: pdop, hdop and vdop, although I suspect they are available.  Could some kind soul show me how, please?

given in outline:

  struct gps_data_t gpsdata;
  status = gps_open (GPSD_SHARED_MEMORY, DEFAULT_GPSD_PORT, &gpsdata);
  gps_read (&gpsdata, NULL, 0);

  hdop = gpsdata.<what>
  vdop = gpsdata.<what>
  pdop = gpsdata.<what>


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