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Re: Socket Problems

From: Gary E. Miller
Subject: Re: Socket Problems
Date: Thu, 7 Oct 2021 10:54:46 -0700

Yo Cale!

On Wed, 6 Oct 2021 16:28:37 -0700
Cale Collins <> wrote:

> When I "cat" the output of my GPS (/dev/ttyACM0) I see the expected
> fix data, also when I use "gpsmon" it's working great.  But I have a
> problem when using "cgps", all the fields are N/A.  I'm thinking this
> has to do with how the socket is configured.

What is this socket?  gpsd talks to the GPS (/dev/ttyACM0), and cgps
talks to gpsd, probably over tcp (

> When I installed the gpsd package I noticed this in the output:

Uh, oh.  You realize that gpsd project releases no packages?  That is
not from here.

Where did it come from?
What version?
How are you running gpsd (the daemon)?

> Creating/updating gpsd user account...
> Created symlink /etc/systemd/system/ →
> /lib/systemd/system/gpsd.socket.
> Failed to preset unit: Unit file does not
> exist. /usr/bin/deb-systemd-helper: error: systemctl preset failed on
> No such file or directory
> gpsd.service is a disabled or a static unit, not starting it.
> Failed to get unit file state for No such file
> or directory
> is a disabled or a static unit, not starting it.

None of that is from here.  You have to ask your distro about how they
munged gpsd into sysgemd(umb).

> "ps -ef|grep gpsd" No GPSD process is running
> root        2203     451  0 01:49 ttyAMA0  00:00:00 grep --color=auto
> gpsd

There is your problem.  No need to continue.  But you are running gpsd
under systemd(umber), and I do not support that.  Maybe someone else can

> "gpsd -N -D3 -F @RUNDIR/gpsd.sock /dev/ttyACM0" fails:
> gpsd:ERROR: can't bind to local socket @RUNDIR/gpsd.sock
> gpsd:ERROR: control socket create failed, netlib error -1

Becasue systemd(umbest) has the socket (2947).  You have a choice to make,
either run under systemd(umpkopf), or standalone.  You can not mix and

You choice: get rid of gpsd undersystemd(rool), or keep fighting it.

> The system I'm using is ARM64, Ubuntu Focal, 5.10 kernel.  This is a
> custom built kernel, could it be I'm missing a kernel parameter?

Looks like you have the ACM driver in, good.  The only other thing is to
chack that the PPS module is also built and running.

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