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Re: Recommend a USB gps for Rpi

From: TarotApprentice
Subject: Re: Recommend a USB gps for Rpi
Date: Sun, 11 Oct 2020 00:44:13 +0000 (UTC)

According to cgps its "seen 30/used 18" so I think its got a pretty good 
skyview and found a fair few satellites.

It could be a fake as it bought it almost a year ago off fleabay. Do these 
things output an identification string when first powered on and could we trust 
it anyway?


On Saturday, 10 October 2020, 5:55:17 pm AEDT, David J Taylor 
<> wrote: 

Can anyone on the list recommend a USB gps for the Raspberry Pi? My use case 
is for it to provide time services to a cluster so it doesn’t have to be 
super accurate. I currently have a u-blox 8 which works with gpsd but the 
time from it jumps all over the place.

I am aware of the Adafruit Ultimate gps hat which is a bit pricey. It would 
need an external antenna as the Pi’s themselves don’t have clear access to 
the sky. My current one is in a skylight with a short USB extension lead to 
reach. The Adafruit hat costs $100 and another $30 for the antenna in 

Thanks in advance.



I can recommend the Uputronics HAT:

It can provide the PPS required for precision timing, and works well with 
the "$10" GPS puck antennas.

If your u-blox 8 isn't a fake (I've had Chinese ones which are fakes, 6 or 7 
remarked) there shouldn't be jumps.  Is the antenna well positioned?  How 
many satellites are used?  Any GPS jammer parked outside?  I use puck 
antennas on a magnetic sheet just near a south-facing window and get 
excellent results:


If the number of satellites is marginal, you could try ensuring that as many 
constellations as possible are active.  It might help.  GPS, GLONASS and 
Galileo work well together.  Typically I see 35 satellites and use 19, this 
on an indoor puck antenna on the second floor of a two-storey house.

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