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Re: [gpsd-users] GPSD on Debian 10 (buster): allowing other hosts to acc

From: Lisandro Damián Nicanor Pérez Meyer
Subject: Re: [gpsd-users] GPSD on Debian 10 (buster): allowing other hosts to access gpsd
Date: Thu, 19 Sep 2019 13:17:14 -0300
User-agent: NeoMutt/20180716

Hi Charles!

On 19/09/18 10:19, Charles Curley wrote:
> I have the Debian packaged gpsd (version 3.17-7 [Yes, I know: ancient])
> on Debian 10 (buster). It runs just fine and dandy, except I cannot
> access it from another computer. I have:
> * Opened the firewall to allow packets in on gpsd's port, 2947.
>   Firewall logging reports no hits on that port.
> * Copied gpsd.socket to /etc/systemd/system, and edited it to allow
>   access from all interfaces:
>   [Socket]
>   ListenStream=/var/run/gpsd.sock
>   ListenStream=[::1]:2947
>   # ListenStream=
>   ListenStream=
>   SocketMode=0600

Interesting, I did not do that.

> * Edited /etc/default/gpsd to include the -G option:
>   # Other options you want to pass to gpsd
>   The -G option shows up in ps:

I also pass -n. Then systemctl restart gpsd.socket and all done.


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