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Re: [gpsd-users] After RELEASE_TIME device closed, gpsd reports error on

From: Bin Guo
Subject: Re: [gpsd-users] After RELEASE_TIME device closed, gpsd reports error on next open
Date: Thu, 12 Sep 2019 18:07:45 +0000

Hi Gary!

> First check: "ppscheck /dev/pps0".  Does that work?
> Then run "gpsd -nND 5 /dev/PS1 |& fgrep PPS" and copy this list
> on the results.
> Thanks, will test once I got access to the board again. But in our
> case the PPS output from GPS is not connected to the CPU system at
> all but to other hardware component, but I imagine fgrep PPS should
> still work with D 5?

If PPS is not connected, then gpsd can not see it.

gpsd with -n works great with our u-blox NEO-M8T chip with fixed UART connection --- not seeing device closed on RELEASE_TIME any more (so no ubx_mode switch)

PPS signal out working fine, though in ubx mode, I can no logging of PPS, only TIM_IP after running

ubxtool -e TP

Logs with gpsd ... -D7:

gpsd:IO: UBX: len 24
gpsd:DATA: TIM_TP: towMS 396826000, towSubMS 0, qErr 7633 week 2070\x0a        flags 0xb, refInfo 0x3f

Also I found ubxtool cannot turn off PPS output, but works with this simple patch:

Index: git/ubxtool
--- git.orig/ubxtool
+++ git/ubxtool
@@ -6175,6 +6175,8 @@ protver 20+, and HP GNSS, required for R
         m_data[29] = 0        # flags
         m_data[30] = 0        # flags
         m_data[31] = 0        # flags
+        if not able:
+            m_data[28] &= ~1  # bit 0 is active
         gps_model.gps_send(6, 0x31, m_data)
Also,  we want to make sure PPS and SURVEYIN are enabled, what's a good time to do this? /etc/gpsd/device-hook seems to be called too early...


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