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[gpsd-users] autostart on Debian

From: Robin Schwab
Subject: [gpsd-users] autostart on Debian
Date: Sat, 20 Aug 2016 22:34:01 +0200
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Dear Gary
I just spent a few hours finding out how to make GPSD autostart on Raspbian Jessie. In [1] you write under /Troubleshooting Start at Boot/ to set ExecStart=/usr/sbin/gpsd -N …

Well this does not work under current GPSD and Raspbian. scons puts the file GPSD in the folder /user/local/sbin/gpsd so you have to adapt that line.

For troubleshooting I would recommend this:
1st run $systemctl status gpsd.service to see what systemd did with gpsd
2nd run $whereis gpsd to find the path to the file
3rd apply this path in /etc/systemd/system/gpsd.service

BTW: In Wheezy I could still use dpkg-reconfigure gpsd even when I compiled my own gpsd. Troubleshooting would not be needed in most cases if dpkg-reconfigure would do things right even in Jessie.

Just my 50 cents.




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