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Re: [gomd-devel] <DISTRO> gomd startup

From: Matthias Rechenburg
Subject: Re: [gomd-devel] <DISTRO> gomd startup
Date: Sat, 20 Sep 2003 22:02:55 +0200
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Hi JP,

On Samstag 20 September 2003 21:13, Gian Paolo Ghilardi wrote:
> Hi all.
> Before the beta phase we need to define the gomd startup for perfect use
> with distro like clusterKnoppix and Quantian.
> If the autodisc wrote a file with the found openMosix nodes, gomd could use
> it instead of starting its own autodiscovery facility.

mhmm, i would prefer to have this as an independent feature.

> This is the idea.
> 1)omdiscd searches for other oM nodes and writes a cache file (a list of
> remote node ips) => maybe it does that already... ;)

nope, you have this feature already in /proc/hpc/nodes
and if we are using gomd autodiscovery it should "find"
gomd-nodes and not all openMosix nodes.
(just my mind)

> 2)gomd "pings" the nodes and gets the oM node id
> 3)gomd updates the internal knownGomdsMap (C++ STL map).
> 4)gomd can work.
> I need comments.
> Who is omdisc's author and how can we contact him for this request?

the auto-discovery daemon was coded by Louis Zechter
man page created by Matt Rechenburg <address@hidden>

anyways i do not like to change openMosix code for 
that or depend on the omdiscd.
What about if the user is still using an map-file instead
of the (much better) openMosix autodiscovery ?

> <rejected>
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all the best,

.... as usual just my mind ;)
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programming must be the process of putting them in.

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