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[gomd-devel] <DISTRO> gomd startup

From: Gian Paolo Ghilardi
Subject: [gomd-devel] <DISTRO> gomd startup
Date: Sat, 20 Sep 2003 21:13:23 +0200

Hi all.

Before the beta phase we need to define the gomd startup for perfect use
with distro like clusterKnoppix and Quantian.

If the autodisc wrote a file with the found openMosix nodes, gomd could use
it instead of starting its own autodiscovery facility.

This is the idea.
1)omdiscd searches for other oM nodes and writes a cache file (a list of
remote node ips) => maybe it does that already... ;)
2)gomd "pings" the nodes and gets the oM node id
3)gomd updates the internal knownGomdsMap (C++ STL map).
4)gomd can work.

I need comments.
Who is omdisc's author and how can we contact him for this request?


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