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[gomd-devel] <DAEMON>: working on the SCX

From: Gian Paolo Ghilardi
Subject: [gomd-devel] <DAEMON>: working on the SCX
Date: Thu, 11 Sep 2003 02:46:16 +0200

Hi all.

I'm working on the SCX feature.
Actually I can run a program in a separate process and, finally, I get the
child output from the main process.
I've still a problem with the execXX() family of calls. Some programs like
"ls" work fine but others like "find", not!

BTW: these day I'm busy (studying Economics for an exam (19 Sept)) but, when
I can, I continue with gomd devel.
I want to release the beta ASAP.


Johnny: I like pthreads. Commoncpp provides a Thread wrapper class (based on
pthread, I suppose) but it's not so handy as I'd like it was.
ATM the code uses standard fork() but I'd like to use threads.


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