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Re: [gomd-devel] about the gomd+libgomd

From: Matthias Rechenburg
Subject: Re: [gomd-devel] about the gomd+libgomd
Date: Tue, 4 Mar 2003 21:26:12 +0000

Hey Johnny ;)

On Dienstag, 4. März 2003 19:55, address@hidden wrote:
> Hey Matt let me see if i get your idea.
> Rather than having libgomd communicate to a single server (like the one
> running on the login node) and having that server communicate with the
> rest of the nodes, and then having the gomd running on the home node
> return the info to theclient that made a request with libgomd you think
> libgomd itself could issue the request to al of the gomd-server running on
> the cluster.
> While this might have some benefits in term of simplicity in programing,
> i can see one real problem with it. I expect that the vast majority of
> people will be running programsl inked to libgomd like 3dmosmon remotely.
> I also suspect that the vast majority of these remote users wont be able
> to connect directly to all of the nodes in the cluster due ot networking
> issues. Security issues aside, i tihnk most people run oM on a sperate
> subnet for performance issues as well. I think if you require the client
> to have unfettered network acces to evry node in the cluster it wil break

... or an simple ssh-tunnel ;)

> an awful lot of people setups, but maybe youve ealt with more clusters
> than me.

all good points + remarks. Many thanks.
We will discuss all the issues on the next coming IRC meeting.
Maybe you want to join !?
Date is not yet fixed.

> gotta run to class, please excuse my atrocius spelling
> ttyl
> -jc


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