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Preliminary work on IceCat 78 now pushed to the 'master' branch

From: Mark H Weaver
Subject: Preliminary work on IceCat 78 now pushed to the 'master' branch
Date: Sun, 06 Sep 2020 14:10:06 -0400

Hello all,

FYI, I just deleted the 'wip-78' branch and pushed a cleaned-up version
of that work to the 'master' branch on Savannah.  It's working well
enough now that I've switched to it as my primary browser.  The bundled
extensions are now working.

Here's a partial TODO list:

* The IceCat-specific settings in <about:preferences#privacy> are
  currently missing.  The patch used in the IceCat 68 previews needs
  considerable work to adapt to version 78.  Moreover, the "Tracking
  Protection" and various other "Protection" features of Firefox, which
  are based on centrally-compiled blacklists and require calling home to
  Mozilla and Google and thus leaking browsing activity to them, are
  prominently displayed at the top of <about:preferences#privacy>,
  although we've always disabled the "calling home" functionality.  We
  should change that section to make it more obvious what's going on,
  and perhaps also provide an easy way to allow users to fully re-enable
  that functionality if they wish.

* More research should be done on what additional antifeatures may have
  been added by Mozilla, which we will need to provide remedies for.

* We should test the preliminary IceCat 78 to ensure that it is not
  generating unwanted network traffic.  Ideally, we would set up a test
  rig with an HTTPS proxy and a fake certificate authority added to
  IceCat, so that we can decrypt all of the HTTPS traffic, to make sure
  that IceCat is not leaking more information than necessary, e.g. to
  search engines.

* We should review the changes made by Tor Browser to version 78, and
  incorporate those changes into IceCat where appropriate.


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