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Re: Preliminary work on IceCat 78 now pushed to the 'master' branch

From: Mark H Weaver
Subject: Re: Preliminary work on IceCat 78 now pushed to the 'master' branch
Date: Mon, 07 Sep 2020 16:16:15 -0400

FYI, for those here who use GNU Guix, there's now a 'wip-icecat-78'
branch in the Guix repository on Savannah, where 'icecat' has been
updated to the version 78.2 preview.  To build it on any x86_64-linux
system with the Guix package manager installed, it should be sufficient
to run the following commands:

  guix pull --branch=wip-icecat-78
  guix build icecat

To build only the IceCat source tarball, add "--source" to the second
command above.  I hope(?) that the generated tarball should build on any
system that IceCat supports (except Android), assuming that the
underlying system has development tools new enough to build Firefox 78
(e.g. rustc-1.41, cargo-1.41, rust-cbindgen-0.14.1, node-10.21).

I'd be grateful for any feedback on this preview version.

For those willing to do test builds from source on their favorite
GNU/Linux distribution, please let us know whether it succeeds or fails.

Note: if you build it yourself from source, please make sure to include
the following lines in your .mozconfig:

  ac_add_options --with-unsigned-addon-scopes=app,system
  ac_add_options --allow-addon-sideload

These are needed to allow IceCat 78 to recognize its own bunded
extensions.  Debian configures Firefox 78 with these options as well.


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