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Re: [Gnump3d-devel] using itunes xml file to populate gnump3d playlists

From: Steve Kemp
Subject: Re: [Gnump3d-devel] using itunes xml file to populate gnump3d playlists
Date: Fri, 11 Jan 2008 16:37:49 +0000
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On Fri Jan 11, 2008 at 10:05:40 -0500, Jim Kubicek wrote:

> I actually starting re-writing the entire music server using ruby, but
> it was more as an excuse to learn ruby than anything else.

  I would like to do this sometime soon too.  but I've been saying
 that for years.

> After thinking about this issue for a bit (but not actually looking at
> the gnump3d code) I think the best way to do this would be to pull all
> the track data directly out of iTunes using applescript, which I've
> started writing. Do you think this would be a good idea? 

  There is no point going to the effort of writing something in nice
 and portable ruby then tying your import process to iTunes.

  I'd suggest parsing tags personally.

> The biggest
> issue I can think of is that developing the list of tracks using
> applescript is pretty slow.

  Sure it might be slow reading tags, but if you did it neatly
 you'd only import once.

> Do you know how gnump3d stores the track data? Would it be possible to
> populate this data using applescript instead of the current "read file
> info from the music folder" process?

  Flat file, line per file.  /var/cache/gnump3d/tag.cache

  Should be an SQLite database really ..


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