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[GNUe] Can't delete or update Rows in 0.5.5

From: Dieter Fischer
Subject: [GNUe] Can't delete or update Rows in 0.5.5
Date: Wed, 21 Jul 2004 20:11:49 +0200


As an Oracle programmer (I loved the Forms 3 INP-Files), I'm always looking
what Gnue Forms does. So I installed the new version, and just created a
default form against a Postgres-DB. 

But the funny thing is, that I can insert, but neither update nor delete a
record. I added the gdf a the end of the email.

Any ideas?



<?xml version="1.0" encoding="iso8859-1"?>

<!--  GNUe-Designer (0.5.4)
      Saved on: 2004-07-21 20:00:55  -->

<form title="css">
  <datasource name="dtsCss" connection="cobra" table="css"/>
    <block name="blkCss" datasource="dtscss" rows="10">
      <field name="fldCss" field="css" maxLength="20" required="Y"/>
      <field name="fldBez" field="bez" maxLength="25" required="Y"/>
      <field name="fldDc" field="dc" maxLength="8" typecast="date"/>
      <field name="fldUc" field="uc" maxLength="25"/>
      <field name="fldDm" field="dm" maxLength="8" typecast="date"/>
      <field name="fldUm" field="um" maxLength="25"/>
  <layout xmlns:Char="GNUe:Layout:Char" Char:height="13" Char:width="67">
    <page name="Page1">
      <label name="lblCss:" Char:height="1" Char:width="4" Char:x="1"
             Char:y="1" text="Css:"/>
      <entry name="entCss" Char:height="1" Char:width="10" Char:x="1"
             Char:y="2" block="blkCss" field="fldCss" label=""/>
      <label name="lblBez:" Char:height="1" Char:width="4" Char:x="12"
             Char:y="1" text="Bez:"/>
      <entry name="entBez" Char:height="1" Char:width="10" Char:x="12"
             Char:y="2" block="blkCss" field="fldBez" label=""/>
      <label name="lblDc:" Char:height="1" Char:width="3" Char:x="23"
             Char:y="1" text="Dc:"/>
      <entry name="entDc" Char:height="1" Char:width="10" Char:x="23"
             Char:y="2" block="blkCss" displaymask="%d.%m.%Y" field="fldDc"
             formatmask="%d/%m/%Y" label=""/>
      <label name="lblUc:" Char:height="1" Char:width="3" Char:x="34"
             Char:y="1" text="Uc:"/>
      <entry name="entUc" Char:height="1" Char:width="10" Char:x="34"
             Char:y="2" block="blkCss" field="fldUc" label=""/>
      <label name="lblDm:" Char:height="1" Char:width="3" Char:x="45"
             Char:y="1" text="Dm:"/>
      <entry name="entDm" Char:height="1" Char:width="10" Char:x="45"
             Char:y="2" block="blkCss" displaymask="%d.%m.%Y" field="fldDm"
      <label name="lblUm:" Char:height="1" Char:width="3" Char:x="56"
             Char:y="1" text="Um:"/>
      <entry name="entUm" Char:height="1" Char:width="10" Char:x="56"
             Char:y="2" block="blkCss" field="fldUm" label=""/>

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