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Re: [GNUe] Can't delete or update Rows in 0.5.5

From: Jason Cater
Subject: Re: [GNUe] Can't delete or update Rows in 0.5.5
Date: Wed, 21 Jul 2004 14:47:50 -0500
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Is there any chance that table has a primary key? If so, try setting the 
primarykey attribute of datasource. 

We've seen a bug in one of the postgresql drivers where it doesn't keep 
date/times at the same precision as they are in the database. This breaks 
queries on datasources without some sort of primary key, as we have to use 
the entire record as a search condition to know which ones to delete/update. 
And of course, the date in memory and the date stored to the database don't 
come out to the same precision, so no records are matched. 

-- Jason 

On Wednesday 21 July 2004 01:11 pm, Dieter Fischer wrote:
> Hello
> As an Oracle programmer (I loved the Forms 3 INP-Files), I'm always looking
> what Gnue Forms does. So I installed the new version, and just created a
> default form against a Postgres-DB.
> But the funny thing is, that I can insert, but neither update nor delete a
> record. I added the gdf a the end of the email.
> Any ideas?
> Regards
> Dieter
> <?xml version="1.0" encoding="iso8859-1"?>
> <!--  GNUe-Designer (0.5.4)
>       Saved on: 2004-07-21 20:00:55  -->
> <form title="css">
>   <options/>
>   <datasource name="dtsCss" connection="cobra" table="css"/>
>   <logic>
>     <block name="blkCss" datasource="dtscss" rows="10">
>       <field name="fldCss" field="css" maxLength="20" required="Y"/>
>       <field name="fldBez" field="bez" maxLength="25" required="Y"/>
>       <field name="fldDc" field="dc" maxLength="8" typecast="date"/>
>       <field name="fldUc" field="uc" maxLength="25"/>
>       <field name="fldDm" field="dm" maxLength="8" typecast="date"/>
>       <field name="fldUm" field="um" maxLength="25"/>
>     </block>
>   </logic>
>   <layout xmlns:Char="GNUe:Layout:Char" Char:height="13" Char:width="67">
>     <page name="Page1">
>       <label name="lblCss:" Char:height="1" Char:width="4" Char:x="1"
>              Char:y="1" text="Css:"/>
>       <entry name="entCss" Char:height="1" Char:width="10" Char:x="1"
>              Char:y="2" block="blkCss" field="fldCss" label=""/>
>       <label name="lblBez:" Char:height="1" Char:width="4" Char:x="12"
>              Char:y="1" text="Bez:"/>
>       <entry name="entBez" Char:height="1" Char:width="10" Char:x="12"
>              Char:y="2" block="blkCss" field="fldBez" label=""/>
>       <label name="lblDc:" Char:height="1" Char:width="3" Char:x="23"
>              Char:y="1" text="Dc:"/>
>       <entry name="entDc" Char:height="1" Char:width="10" Char:x="23"
>              Char:y="2" block="blkCss" displaymask="%d.%m.%Y" field="fldDc"
>              formatmask="%d/%m/%Y" label=""/>
>       <label name="lblUc:" Char:height="1" Char:width="3" Char:x="34"
>              Char:y="1" text="Uc:"/>
>       <entry name="entUc" Char:height="1" Char:width="10" Char:x="34"
>              Char:y="2" block="blkCss" field="fldUc" label=""/>
>       <label name="lblDm:" Char:height="1" Char:width="3" Char:x="45"
>              Char:y="1" text="Dm:"/>
>       <entry name="entDm" Char:height="1" Char:width="10" Char:x="45"
>              Char:y="2" block="blkCss" displaymask="%d.%m.%Y" field="fldDm"
> label=""/>
>       <label name="lblUm:" Char:height="1" Char:width="3" Char:x="56"
>              Char:y="1" text="Um:"/>
>       <entry name="entUm" Char:height="1" Char:width="10" Char:x="56"
>              Char:y="2" block="blkCss" field="fldUm" label=""/>
>     </page>
>   </layout>
> </form>
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