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[GNUe] UI driver?

From: Stefan Elwesthal
Subject: [GNUe] UI driver?
Date: Thu, 10 Jun 2004 13:55:47 +0800

Hello again1 
I'm setting up GNUE on my extra machine at work, running suSE linux Enterprise 
9 (beta). Gnue-Forms won't work though, no valid UI 
driver it tells me, which makes me wonder? During install it can't find 
wxPython, and it says X is not running (well, then what am i 
staring at.. I wonder ;) 
Suppose I have the wrong versions, I have wxPythonGTK2-py2.3- 
installed, is that one too "fresh"? The thing is, i can't find 
wxpython 2.4.2 anywhere (rpmseek) but maybe version 2.3.3 would do? What do you 
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