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[GNUe] on to communications

From: Craig White
Subject: [GNUe] on to communications
Date: Wed, 09 Jun 2004 16:12:36 -0700

# gnue-schema --help-connections

GNUe Schema Scripter
Version 0.5.4


The following database drivers are installed on your system:

I guess I expected to see things like psycopg here...

# locate psycopg
<among other things, it finds...>

so I know that it's here, but it doesn't seem to work.

and thus when I have in /usr/local/gnue/etc/connections.conf (per James
Thompsons walkthru)

comment = GNUe Test Database
aliases = dcl test
provider = psycopg
host = localhost
dbname = gnue
# encoding = iso8859-1

and then I type...
# su - postgres
-bash-2.05b$ gnue-schema -l

GNUe Schema Scripter
Version 0.5.4

GNUe Common Version 0.5.4

Error: No input file specified.

For help, type:
   gnue-schema --help

I'm dead




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