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Re: [GNUe] Could I..

From: Sacha Schlegel
Subject: Re: [GNUe] Could I..
Date: Wed, 09 Jun 2004 10:53:55 +0200

Hi Stefan

On Wed, 2004-06-09 at 09:57, Stefan Elwesthal wrote:
> Hi all!
> Had a thought, I'm struggling with the different documentations when i have 
> some spare time, to try to get into the skins & bones of the GnuE 
> programsuite.
> Best way to learn is try - try -try, so i thought, that If I should do that, 
> I might as well try to build something that could be useful. 
> I planned to use the appserver as a communicator/integrator where I read 
> incoming textfiles in reality-mode (from as FTP folder), convert and update 
> my backbone database, and print out a file with the occured changes? This 
> should not be a problem as I see it?

There is curl, which includes a ftp clients. I think there is a python
wrapper library available as well. maybe one which runs on win/linux.

Curl at:

You could use your normal cron daemon to kick appserver every hour to
execute a procedure (see the file in the gnue-appserver/src
directory). That procedure uses curl to 

a) get the new file via ftp or http or whatever, 
b) parse the file (you can import an xml parser in any appserver
procedure) and 
c) create new businss objects (with the appserver global new()
procedure, based on the data you just parsed.

> I'm not sure though how (if at all) the appServer works on a winbox? I 
> thought of using this app for some real data, and the only driver that I have 
> is a win-ODBC driver. I could of course try to write my own connector in 
> Python, but I'm afraid that would take  too much time.. *gee*

Appserver should run on windoze as it does on your suse, though I had
not to test that.

> Another way would of course be to produce textfiles in the defined format and 
> simply import them in the Win/ERP database system.. which of course sound a 
> lot easier :)
> Any thoughts? Shopuld i stick to my SuSE server for the AppServer?
> Regards
> Stefan


Sacha                                   Schlegel
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