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[GNUe] Could I..

From: Stefan Elwesthal
Subject: [GNUe] Could I..
Date: Wed, 09 Jun 2004 15:57:12 +0800

Hi all!

Had a thought, I'm struggling with the different documentations when i have 
some spare time, to try to get into the skins & bones of the GnuE programsuite.
Best way to learn is try - try -try, so i thought, that If I should do that, I 
might as well try to build something that could be useful. 

I planned to use the appserver as a communicator/integrator where I read 
incoming textfiles in reality-mode (from as FTP folder), convert and update my 
backbone database, and print out a file with the occured changes? This should 
not be a problem as I see it?

I'm not sure though how (if at all) the appServer works on a winbox? I thought 
of using this app for some real data, and the only driver that I have is a 
win-ODBC driver. I could of course try to write my own connector in Python, but 
I'm afraid that would take  too much time.. *gee*
Another way would of course be to produce textfiles in the defined format and 
simply import them in the Win/ERP database system.. which of course sound a lot 
easier :)

Any thoughts? Shopuld i stick to my SuSE server for the AppServer?

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