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Your decision to implement in Python

From: Gueven Bay
Subject: Your decision to implement in Python
Date: Sat, 5 Apr 2003 13:09:55 +0200

Dear GNUe developers,
Why did you decide to program in Python?
Did you ever think about to implement GNUe in Java2 (Enterprise Edition)?
There are free XML-Parsers, XML-Libraries, Application Servers, Databases and so on...
Enough to develop an enterprise solution for free with J2EE.
I think about a development (and deployment) environment with Linux + gcj + MySQL + JBoss + Apache + other modules. This could be a free development and deployment environment !?!?
And big corporations, organisations and other commercial and not-commercial groups would trust GNUe more if you take the marketing power behind Java2 and put it in GNUe.
Am i thinking in the wrong direction here?
Gueven Bay

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