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I am going to begin translation project

From: Gueven Bay
Subject: I am going to begin translation project
Date: Sat, 5 Apr 2003 13:09:24 +0200

Hello dear GNUe developers,
I am going to begin the translation of your site, the GNUe software and the documentation of GNUe to German.
I will post here my schedule and my translation progress.
I wish you a funny and happy weekend
Gueven Bay
>Am Sam, 2003-04-05 um 10.36 schrieb Gueven Bay:
>> On your web-site I tried to find a link to a German version of the site,the
>> documentation an so on. I don't succeed :-(
>The GNU Enterprise project faces very active development. Things like
>documentation and the web site still tend to change frequently. We had
>translations of earlier versions our websites into several languages,
>but as the websites changed, the translations became heavily outdated
>and we decided to remove them and only maintain the English version for
>the time being.
>However, certain parts of the web site have again become quite static
>since then, and if you'd like to volunteer to translate at least those
>parts into German, I'm sure our webmasters can give you further advice
>on how to do so.
>The main reason that we don't have translations of our current web site
>is that nobody had the time to write them lately. So we'd be thankful if
>you would want to help.
>Thank you,
>Reinhard Mueller
>GNU Enterprise project

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