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Re: Modifying Window Objects in designer

From: Alfredo P. Ricafort
Subject: Re: Modifying Window Objects in designer
Date: 30 Sep 2002 11:05:31 +0800

For me, this workaround only works for 'Labels' and 'Boxes', but not for
'Unbound Entries' or 'Drop Downs'.

On Sun, 2002-09-29 at 15:17, Peter Sullivan wrote:
> On Mon, Sep 23, 2002 at 10:59:32PM +0800, Alfredo P. Ricafort wrote: 
> > How do I modify window objects in the designer ?  It seems that all the
> > fields the designer, especially those in the Property Inspector, are all
> > protected. The only fields that I can edit are the 'X','Y','Width' &
> > 'Height'.
> I think this is a known bug in wxpython - the GNUe developers have checked 
> the GNUe code several times, and there is nothing obviously wrong with it. 
> The easy workaround is to maximise your Designer window so that the scroll 
> bars (horizontal and vertical) disappear, which should then make these 
> fields editable again.
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