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GNUe first impressions + newbie questions

From: Alesandro Bottoni
Subject: GNUe first impressions + newbie questions
Date: Fri, 20 Sep 2002 20:06:00 +0200
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Very good! I was strongly impressed by the rational and ambitious design of 
the GNUe tool suite and by the high quality of this 0.3.0 release.

Derek Neighbors addressed me to GNUe when I asked for suggestions about a good 
GUI Builder on the wxWindows mailing list. Now I realize that GNUe designer 
and GNUe Forms are much more than a good "GUI Builder Suite": they 
impersonate the new "GUI Building Technology", based on XML, that most of us 
were waiting since a long time.

Good job, guys! You are making a really a good job. Congratulations!

Now a few newbie questions:

1) Which is the real name of the GNUe Forms client? The documents cite 
"gfclient" but on my hard disk there is only an executable named 
"gnue-forms". Which one is the real GNUe Forms client (that is: the XML 
rendering application)? Where should be gfclient on my file system?

2) What is the "psycopg" (or something like that) database driver that is 
called from within a few of your samples? Is it a built-in db driver? Have I 
to get from somewhere and install on my RH? How about the PyGreSQL mentioned 
in the doc? Which one should be used to talk with PostgreSQL?

3) I read that a HTML renderer (or "client") is under work. Which is its 
development status at the moment?

Many thanks in advance.
Alessandro bottoni

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