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GNUe Designer Differs from Screen Shots

From: Alfredo P. Ricafort
Subject: GNUe Designer Differs from Screen Shots
Date: 12 Sep 2002 23:06:13 +0800

I installed the latest version of Designer, Forms and Common (ver
0.3.0).  But when I compared the screens of my Designer with the screens
shots in the GNUe website, I found a big difference. 

The Designer screen shots have a tree applet/window on its left side and
a designer pad on the right.  What I'm getting is a tool bar at the top,
a tab window in the middle, and 6 fields at the bottom.  There seems to
be no options in the menu to change the way how the Designer looks.

Did I miss anything in my installation ?  Do I need to install the other
tools to get that look ?



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