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Re: Open Source Stuff

From: J. Childers
Subject: Re: Open Source Stuff
Date: Wed, 21 Aug 2002 12:23:09 -0700 (PDT)


>> > Thanks for being patient with a new open-source convert. Until recently I 
>> > was one of the
>> > brainwashed masses and have only just had my epiphany within the last six 
>> > months. I have 

> Keep in mind that Open Source is more that 'just linux'.
> And that Apache != Linux.  Or Sendmail != linux.  Or.....
> Many 'newbies' make that mistake, and I just thought I'd point out said 
> mistake.

Great point. I'm only just starting to get the whole o/s concept, really. My 
"awakening" started,
as I said, with Python; in the sense the I began to notice how most of the 
"open source"
"freeware" was cross platformed. After I worked with Python some more I saw how 
my code could run
transparently across all major OS's. 

Then I thought, hey, how come there aren't any so called "mainstream" (read: 
M$) development
platforms that support transparent OS migration? The answer was obvious: 
because proprietary OS
vendors find their interest in locking up technology rather than making it 
available to their
customers, who are ostensibly buying just that privilege from them.

It is amusing to me that M$, who originally dominated the market by providing 
customers with
"better" tools at lower prices and setting themselves up totally 
customer-centric, now is aligned
with the most customer-hostile forces in the world (onerous licensing schemes, 
RIAA, etc) and
against the ones perceived as most customer friendly (Linux, Mac, open-source 
etc). They have
totally lost what made them successful in the first place.

Sorry if all this rant is old-hat to you hardcore o/s folk. I'm just getting 
religion and it's
still pretty heading stuff for me.



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