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Re: Open Source Stuff

From: Derek Neighbors
Subject: Re: Open Source Stuff
Date: 26 Aug 2002 20:55:13 -0700

> Great point. I'm only just starting to get the whole o/s concept, really. My 
> "awakening" started,
> as I said, with Python; in the sense the I began to notice how most of the 
> "open source"
> "freeware" was cross platformed. After I worked with Python some more I saw 
> how my code could run
> transparently across all major OS's. 

Not to nitpick, I think chilly may have said something as well. 
Typically we like to call it "Free Software".  It is also in many
circles easiest to say free/open source software to cover bases and
political preferences.  My main item of note, was that freeware is very
different than free software, and thus freeware should not be used to
describe things like GNUe and such.

> Sorry if all this rant is old-hat to you hardcore o/s folk. I'm just getting 
> religion and it's
> still pretty heading stuff for me.

It might be old hat, but its great to see that others are beginning to
see Microsoft and other propreitary software vendors for what they are.


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