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Re: Installation

From: Derek Neighbors
Subject: Re: Installation
Date: 16 Aug 2002 13:32:09 -0700

On Thu, 2002-08-15 at 12:09, John Marciano wrote:
> I have a couple of clarification-type questions, as I am attempting to
> install.  I am following the instructions in the
> and downloaded the CVS code.  Is this the
> latest?  I ran the script in each directory and received similar
> results in all except the forms directory, where I got:

New preferred way to install cvs is to run in the root
directory of cvs and answer the questions.

You will need to have 


installed.  Also to do database applications you need a database and the
proper python db driver for that database.

> When I ran the ./ script, per the instructions, I got:
> Please don't try to compile this program,
> it is obsolete and not maintained any more
> Again this doesn't sound good.

geas (the old appserver) is still in cvs because you cant really remove
things from cvs (or in this case we didnt want to) we wanted to leave
for reference.  We changed the script so others wouldnt waste time
compiling it.  The new application server is in 'appserver' directory. 

> Also, is anyone using this system in a manufacturing/production environment?

We are getting ready to roll solutions for two or more small
manufacturing / production shops in the next 6 months.


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