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modeling tools for developping AND implementing

From: Pierre-Alain Millet
Subject: modeling tools for developping AND implementing
Date: Thu, 18 Apr 2002 13:55:38 +0200

My experience on ERP systems as BAAN or MOVEX leads me to insist on process modelisation.
As an associate professor, I try to build (INSA Lyon, a training on process modelisation for ERP
I'm surprised that this question is not present on this list.
I think that it's a more important question in a free software approach than in a classic way,
because assembling components is a key element for a flexible and maintanable enterprise system.
and assembling components need to control business process...
So, 2 questions
1/ business process modeling
to execute components or services from differents sources, one need of course standardisation of business objects and language to describe them.
this technical aspect is easy to decide and weel-known (XML and dialects...)
But, from an organisationnal (roles, business process..) point of view, it's more complex
You have to take in account that it's not easy to understant how is working a standard component, what is the real adequation with existing applications
Often, the culture of the component designer or developper is very different from those of the user... specially regarding business culture
process modeling is mandatory a way to compare, understand, explain... HOW a tools can be used
2/ modeling for desing and modeling for use
Of course, we all know different modelisation technics, as SADT, MERISE (for oldiers !) and UML...
But is process modeling the same activity whan one model a process to desing a future tools, and when one model a process ton understant who he can use a tools ?
From my experience, i think that it is two different activities... because, when i model a process for training, simulating, consulting in an implementation project, i don't want to know how the package is working internally, but what human actors of the system have to do... I do'nt want to model the system.. but the use of the system...
One can say that there is a difference because my experience is on classic packages, and that free approach let me know exactly HOW the system is working internally, so i can explain and decide exactly what i want.. and if needing, that i can customize the tools...
What's your opinion ?  
3/ Suggestion
whatever is the correct answer... I think that a process modeling tools to define what services the gnue packages can deliver would be very interesting..
I can imagine a project next year with student on such a subject...

Pierre-Alain MILLET
Consultant ERP (Vanenburg Business System France) address@hidden
Professeur Associé, Laboratoire PRISMA: address@hidden

+33 (0)472436264 Mobile: +33 (0)607 50 33 81
Bat. Blaise PASCAL Nord (501), Salle 227, 2ème étage
INSA Villeurbanne. Département Informatique
20, avenue Albert Einstein
69621 Villeurbanne Cedex


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