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Re: almost there -> gnue :-)

From: Derek Neighbors
Subject: Re: almost there -> gnue :-)
Date: Sun, 14 Apr 2002 21:58:51 -0700

> Can't recall who recommended gnue for my simple
> invoice system, but thanks :-)

Quite likely was me, as I'm biased on such things.

> Took a couple days break from the install problems,
> and within a hour or two today, I have most of it working.
> This is neat stuff.

Cool.  If you got it installed thats WAY harder than writing applications. :)

> Anyway, my first question:

I am cc'ing this to the GNUe list as its good for the list to hear such things.

> I have created a stupid simple database with a couple
> tables. Se below:
> -----------------------------------------------
> CREATE TABLE invoice (
>   invoice_id int(10) NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT,
>   name varchar(30),
>   company_name varchar(40),
>   address varchar(80),
>   city varchar (40),
>   state varchar (40),
>   postal varchar(20),
>   phone varchar(30),
>   email varchar(80),
>   comments text,
>   PRIMARY KEY (invoice_id)
> );
> DROP TABLE IF EXISTS invoice_details;
> CREATE TABLE invoice_details (
>   invoice_details_id int(10) NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT,
>   invoice_id int(10),
>   description varchar(200),
>   qty int(3),
>   cost varchar(10),
>   total varchar(10),
>   PRIMARY KEY (invoice_details_id)
> );
> -------------------------------------------------
> Running the advanced wizard in gfdesigner allows me to call 
> the master/detail tables and link them up. Everything works
> the way I expect except that the detail table does not get
> the master key (invoice_id). In case I haven't stated it,
> this is linked to a MySQL database (3.23.49). The entries
> in the invoice_details table for invoice_id are all NULL.
> Anyone?

We have a magic function to do that, I suppose we should put it in the wizard 
as well.  Jamest any comments?  I will look to post a sample ASAP in cvs that 
shows how to do this.

> Second question, can someone point in a a direction to run
> a report against this data. gnue/forms is already installed,
> but I haven't firgured out this process yet?

gnue/reports/  - Update CVS regularly for reports as we have been pounding on 
it hard last week or so and I only expect that to continue. :)

Derek Neighbors
GNU Enterprise

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