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Re: XRBL & Other Goodies

From: Derek Neighbors
Subject: Re: XRBL & Other Goodies
Date: Wed, 13 Mar 2002 00:32:00 -0700

> Real standards bodies first of all, have an open dialog during the
> design phase instead of releasing "drafts" only when they're about to
> release the final version.  Real standards bodies don't charge $10,000
> for the privilege of participating and voting on design.   (That is the
> annual membership rate I would have to pay, as an independent CPA and
> developer. That's $833/month.)

I will say that XRBL and many similar specs are the variety that say here is 
our DRAFT, like it or leave it and arent much of a 'participating' venture 
unless of course you pony up serious cash.  While 10,000 or even 1,000 is SMALL 
POTATOES to Microsoft, IBM, SAP, Oracle etc to an independent software or free 
software developer that is VERY significant amount of money.

> Now you know why I am criticizing XBRL, and regard it as unhelpful.
> To them, GL semantics are just a plaything for adding value to XBRL 2.0.
> I wish XBRL would either get serious about a General Ledger interface
> schema, or stop pretending it has a GL interface solution.

I will admit several people over the years have asked us to look at XBRL for 
G/L stuff and we saw it only as a reporting standard not a G/L standard.  Which 
leads me to believe people are stupid (either for miscontruing this or not 
finding the G/L standard in there) or that its being misrepresented/mismarketed 

> This is a public mailing list.  Eric and Robert are aware of it and in
> any case I did not attack them.  They have taken up positions to
> pronounce General Ledger standards.  Their actions deserve scrutiny just
> as do senators or congressmen.  I am doing the American thing, by
> arguing with them.

For the record, as many know, I have publicly criticized Todd in many areas and 
vice versa.  I have even told him his delivery (lengthy) often turns people off 
from the issue, but I think he has been pretty cordial here in combating what 
appears to be FUD with facts.  It has been an interesting dialog and several 
good issues are brought up.  Fortunately or Unfortunately we have been so head 
down on coding tools we havent been taking issue with all the accounting world 
around us.

When we do I think that these conversations will only get better.


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