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Re: XRBL & Other Goodies

From: Derek Neighbors
Subject: Re: XRBL & Other Goodies
Date: Wed, 13 Mar 2002 00:16:39 -0700

> ZACK: Derek, not true.  In the U.S. the fees are 5-15k, depending on type
> and size of organization.  5k for non-profits, gov agencies, etc.; 15k for
> Microsoft, etc.  In Japan, it's 1500 flat for all organizations (depressed
> JP economy).  In Australia, it's about 1-5k.  For most any organization,
> this is a reasonable contribution to ensure that we have a website, legal
> fees, hire a staff person, etc.etc.  Also, as I mentioned, we're opening it
> up for individuals - people like academics and researcher.  This should be
> in place in the next month or so.  Be sure to register at to
> get updates.

Anything above no cost for a group of free software developers is too much.  
Look at GNU/Linux for example that has hundreds of developers of extreme 
qualifications for Operating Systems but many donate or have donated their 
time.  To ask them to PAY a FEE on top of that would be ludicrous.  

Likewise as more and more Free Software business applications (and the 
developer pool increases) having standard bodies that try to justify 5,000 to 
someone GIVING thier time away is a joke.

> ZACK: Look, there's no way you can manage a consortium of 12-20 countries'
> 150 organizations that have millions of employees and members around the
> world without resources.  Some of the resources are donated time, some free
> materials (like office space), some actual money.  I think someone else
> pointed out there isn't a standards body in the world that doesn't collect
> some kind of fees to manage resources.  A better criteria for a standards

I think this is silly.  I see Free Software managing itself on a HUGE scale 
much bigger than XBRL.  GNU/Linux again as an example has several million 
users.  There is no cost to participate other than desire.  HOWEVER, oddly 
enough companies like HP, SUN, IBM, COMPAQ, REDHAT and others put money towards 
making GNU/Linux stronger as it helps their businesses.

Standard bodies shoudl work the same way.  The bigger plays should be ponying 
up the resources in largest volume as they have the most to GAIN, but they 
shouldnt lock out the little guy, as that is a free resource to them.  Again I 
think the biggest vendors use standard bodies to CONTROL their domains and 
stifle innovation as much as possible.

> it's being put into SAP, Hyperion, ACCPAC, etcetcetcetc  Please work with us
> - or at least incorporate XBRL in your work.  Thanks.

We would love to incorporate XBRL and work with you, but we arent willing to 
PAY you to do so.

Derek Neighbors
"Admitted Socialist"

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