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Re: How many have spotted Microsoft's lastest move VS its customers?

From: Todd Boyle
Subject: Re: How many have spotted Microsoft's lastest move VS its customers?
Date: Wed, 27 Feb 2002 10:11:34 -0800

At 08:14 AM 2/27/02, MR wrote:
How many have seen this link?

It seems Microsoft wants to become a CRM Vendor.

Why would I bother reading any devious lies from Redmond?  It is
perfectly obvious that this company's products are not only designed
strategically to entrap me and my data, but they are dedicated to
unfair treatment of competitors and even think that's perfectly OK!

This might be a good time to:
1) point out that if you want to help 'kill the beast or Redmond' you
should help the GnuE project.

When the GNUE project is ready to cooperate with other business
software developers by paying attention to global standards of
interoperability, I might be more interested in GNUE.   At present,
quite honestly I recommend users stay away from GNUE.  The
most important thing to achieve in this decade is that business
systems communicate.  GNUE is otherwise, just a cost-saving thing,
to try to reproduce in a small way, the standalone and LAN software
of the last decade.  Sorry to be critical.

2) ask the vendors of the Microsoft centric software to consider making
their code run on *BSD/*Linux.

YES!    :-)

(and to think The Linux Fund people felt there was no need to sponser
people to make an open source accounting package.)

Accounting is dead. We need software that makes business more
efficient.  The word accounting to me, implies some people other than
the operating people who executed transactions, sitting around and
processing them and editing them, and cleaning up the data---and
charging a fee for it!

Can't you see the whole Accounting industry and software industry are
just setup to scam fees out of the business community?

When there is a machine-readable data dictionary in common use
among all the global community, the pattern will be broken because
there will no longer be "differentiation" and cool "improvements" that
lock you into vendors.  There will be only 10% of the number of
accountants needed to parse the transactions into financial statements
and tax returns,

I urge all GNUE developers to get involved in standards at the semantic

Thanks for your patience,
Todd Boyle CPA and carnival barker

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