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If you are not tracking SQL-Ledger...a summary

From: MR
Subject: If you are not tracking SQL-Ledger...a summary
Date: Wed, 27 Feb 2002 10:34:28 -0600 (CST)

>Technology is changing so qickly, so by the time the standards are
produced they become outdated. 
Yet, basic accounting doesn't.  Creative ENRON account will change however :-)
>For example I see going in this direction very quickly.
Mr. Simader has not been following the standards issues to date.  
I am not sure if he wants to implement whatever he thinks of, or what 
the standard(s) say should be implemented.
Correct implementations of standards allows for interoperation.  Thus, say i    
an XML based report generation software could chat with a totally different GL
sub-system.   (a rising tide floats all boats)

sql-ledger has made progress over freemoney and other projects by having 
useable code, even though I don't find it as useful as I found Cougar Mountain.
As time passes, it will become more useful.

They have made enough progress to be shipping in the latest SuSE (I think 
it was SuSE), and the Debian linux version has an interest.  I think  
that it would also be shipping by default with Mandrak also.  only 176+ more    
linux versions to go.  (it hasn't made it to FreeBSD yet)
[I posted this to the list once b4 and it seemed not to have made it]

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