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Re: Playing Accountant

From: Derek A. Neighbors
Subject: Re: Playing Accountant
Date: Mon, 19 Mar 2001 16:40:01 -0800
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Any time there's a huge bout of inflation in the US, the AICPA tends
to try to build "yet another reporting standard" on this.  The
standards tend to be esoteric, and are often barely used since people
disagree widely on what should be done about them.

But please note the _really_ critical word in that paragraph: reporting

Yes in my original mail I said reporting.

If you track expenses using dollars, and attach dates to transactions
and/or prices, then the problems can get deferred until _reporting_
time.  The critical thing is to track enough information to make sure
that reporting can be done unambiguously.

Yes same goes for chart of account changes etc in my book.
Quite frankly, the only time anybody plays with the differing
standards on this is when they are undergoing vast amounts of
inflation.  A few percent per annum doesn't count :-).

Yes and with recent situations like Russia and Mexico I think that bears
some relevance due to our multi national aspect.

Derek Neighbors

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