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From: Georg Lehner
Subject: Inventory
Date: Fri, 13 Oct 2000 21:48:58 -0600
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Here at the University Hospital HEODRA in León/Nicaragua is a proyect
ongoing which englobes various aspects of GNUE.

Actually we are starting to implement an Inventory Module,
especifically for farmaceutic products.

However, with Alejandro Imass's (Saludos amigo!) proposal in mind, the
design will be as general as possible.

I would be glad to be able to contribute with this to the

Is anybody working on this part of GNUE? Please contact me to see what
exists yet, and what we can contribute.

On the other hand I have to state that we are lacking all kind of
ressources, so if anybody wants to contribute both to the nicaraguan
health care and to GNUE we are glad to get any help.

Our vision is to implement a fully featured hospital managment system,
combined with a medical information system.

Our active projects are; 

    - a small erp-system for the administration of the
      "health-insurance"-split-off of the hospital (since they pay two
      programmers and have a computer), starting with the inventory of
      a farmacy, control of medical service production (requires
      registry of patients), and an ordering module for the
      farmaceutic products.

    - a biomedical-engineering system, which is a combination of
      equipment tracing, administration of maintainence personal and
      analysis of production data and, most important, tracing of
      repair and maintainance tasks (since I work for the biomedical
      engineering department as a volunteer).

    - a small hospitalary information system which includes sample
      tracing and report of laboratory analysis results with quality
      control of the laboratory, farmaceutics dispatch, usage and
      survey of farmacological treatmentes, epidemiologic research and
      analysis, patient registration (maybe up to epicrisis
      archive). This part depends partially on the prolongation of my
      voluntee-contract for the next two years however I am yet
      preparing the implementation.

What we need:

     - Computers and Network accessories

     - A salary for a One-(wo)man Computer Department

     - Programmers, and/or training for university teachers and
       students of the UNAN-University, to upgrade them to GNU/Unix

     - Feedback

     - A new educational system for Nicaragua (whoops, I'm of course
       right, but maybe going to far in this context :)

Best Regards,



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