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Re: Trying to understand GNUe?

From: Derek A. Neighbors
Subject: Re: Trying to understand GNUe?
Date: Sat, 14 Oct 2000 10:03:49 -0700


> Maybe I will find out as I read through the docs you posted but in
> the mean time it appears by your description that a user will only
> interact with the GNUe Report and Forms clients.  Is this true or
> will the user be able to access GNUe via a browser.

The user will only use GNUe apps through a forms client or a reports
client.  Remember that currently we wxWindows Client that gives us
win32, gtk, motif and mac.  We also have a java client and a curses
client.  We are planning on a web client as well.  So you will be able
to access GNUe via a browser.  The whole idea of GNUe Forms is you can
write ONE form and have it represented in a myriad of client access
methods and platforms.

On the other hand there will _development_ tools that will let you build
reports, forms, biz rules etc as well.  Currently these things are built
in a lovely editor like emacs.

Derek Neighbors
GNU Enterprise

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