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report engine

From: Rodrigo Moya
Subject: report engine
Date: 09 Oct 2000 20:33:49 -0100

Hi all!

I've been talking with Derek about the report engine, and I think he's
convinced me to have the report engine in GNUe reports. That is:

* GNUe reports is an independent, separated project, not depending on
much things, which contains the report engine. As said, it will support
libgda and other ways of accessing data, although the default one will
be libgda, of course
* the libgda/report directory will contain a report client, which will
be built only if GNUe reports is installed
* the gnome-db/components will contain a ReportDesigner component
(Please read my next message about gnome-db components). And a
ReportUIClient will also have its place, to perform the report rendering
for GNOME.

I think this architecture makes sense, so if there are no objections, it
will be done this way.

Comments? Suggestions?

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