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Re: report engine

From: Carlos Perello Marin
Subject: Re: report engine
Date: 15 Oct 2000 12:54:08 -0100

> Hi all!
> I've been talking with Derek about the report engine, and I think he's
> convinced me to have the report engine in GNUe reports. That is:
> * GNUe reports is an independent, separated project, not depending on
> much things, which contains the report engine. As said, it will support
> libgda and other ways of accessing data, although the default one will
> be libgda, of course
> * the libgda/report directory will contain a report client, which will
> be built only if GNUe reports is installed
> * the gnome-db/components will contain a ReportDesigner component
> (Please read my next message about gnome-db components). And a
> ReportUIClient will also have its place, to perform the report rendering
> for GNOME.
> I think this architecture makes sense, so if there are no objections, it
> will be done this way.
> Comments? Suggestions?

Well, then.... the report engine will be outside from libgda ?

What utility has the report client for libgda?

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