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[task #16272] FITS image to display area change due to distortion

From: Pedram Ashofteh Ardakani
Subject: [task #16272] FITS image to display area change due to distortion
Date: Sun, 16 Oct 2022 12:12:12 -0400 (EDT)

Update of task #16272 (project gnuastro):

        Percent Complete:                      0% => 50%                    


Follow-up Comment #5:

Thank you for your feedback, here is the updated commit [1]. It has quite many
changes, but it is rebased on 'master' and in squashed to one commit for
easier review. Thanks in advance 🙌 I'll put some results in bug #63171 as
well 🧑‍💻


P.S: Commit message

Author: Pedram Ashofteh-Ardakani <>
Date:   Fri Oct 14 19:49:54 2022 +0330

    Fits, Warp, and Book: add '--pixareaonwcs'
    Until now, the users could read the pixel area value determined by the
    keywords using the '--pixelarea' option. However they had no way of
    how much of an area (in degrees) each input image pixel has. Knowing this
    variable could help with better understanding origin of the gradients on
    the aligned (warped) image.
    Although the pixel area value does not vary too much in small distances,
    this difference will create a gradient in images when taking the
    pixel area (i.e. each pixel calculated individually from its corners in
    World Coordinates).
    The new '--pixareaonwcs' function serves the purpose to show the users
    the most accurate pixel area calculated completely based on pixels
    in its given WCS. Since '--pixareaonwcs' is actually an alias for Warp's
    '--edgesampling', users can pass integers greater than zero '0' to
    the accuracy even more. But they must know that this will increase
    computation time and the memory needed.
    These changes were made in this commit as well:
    - Change the 'warp_wcsalign_init_vertices' output from 'gal_data_t' to
      'void' since we have already defined its output (vertices) in
      'gal_warp_wcsalign_t' as the 'vertices' internal variable; Hence, we
      don't need to pass the pointer anymore.
    - Added the 'warp_check_basic_params' and 'warp_wcsalign_init_internals'
      prevent repeating these initializations in the newly defined
      'gal_warp_pixelarea_onwcs' function.
    - The 'keyword.h' file of the Fits program held the boilerplate
      value. This commit fixes it to the correct 'KEYWORD_H' value.
    - Fixed the typo in the comments of 'bin/fits/main.c' file.
    - In the gnuastro manual, now the typo in the library linked lists of
      strings section for the 'gal_list_str_last' which returns a
      'gal_list_str_t *' and not a 'size_t' is fixed.
    - Print timing reports if program is not in '--quiet' mode.
    - Write the configuration parameters in HDU '1' of the output image.
    - Write the documentation updating both Fits and Warp, with examples.
    - Update my name in previous text with a hyphen and place the missing 'h'
      in a few cases. So the correct form would be "Pedram Ashofteh-Ardakani"


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