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Re: Lisp

From: swedebugia
Subject: Re: Lisp
Date: Sun, 13 Sep 2020 09:12:13 +0200

Hi :)

On Fri, 10 Jul 2020 05:39:44 +0000
Jean Louis <> wrote:

> Myself, I like the extensibility of Emacs Lisp, it gives me
> environment to handle almost all my business needs. In my opinion,
> the years from 1980-2000 were interesting years, people were more
> interested in programming and purchasing a computer brought many
> people into programming. Especially in earlier years, computers were
> delivered with books for programmnig languages. And I remember
> companies were designating one person to learn and do whatever
> software was necessary for the single company. I have seen those
> companies, visited them and visited programmers, even when I was a
> boy. They had output on the printer, there was no monitor for big
> computers. I have seen accountants sitting late night and studying
> the program and making new programs for invoices and other business
> calculations. And I have worked with a teacher who programmed
> anything necessary for pupils to learn better. Programming was in.
> Almost everybody I knew at that time, including colleauges of my
> parents, including teachers, and boys and girls who went into comput
> club, was aware that anything we wanted, we could program ourselves.
> Games were harder to do, yet we programmed even games, it was more
> fun playing one's own game then commercial games. So I come from the
> period of time which taught me that anything I need can be
> programmed, so I do programming for me and my business myself.
> Emacs Lisp offers me already the environment, like menues, it gives
> me key functions, it gives me foundation, so I can extend it as I
> wish, doing any possible business or private tasks, accounting
> entries into database are conducted through Emacs for multiple
> companies, projects and tasks are managed by Emacs, sending SMS and
> receiving SMS recently I do by Emacs, all notes, SMS, faxes, emails
> are recorded into database by using Emacs, and  I can extend it with
> few minutes or hours as I wish. As everything is related to writnig,
> Emacs Lisp becomes my best choice. All entries, all text is related
> to text editing, so that is very proper to have as foundation or
> environment that may be further extended and integrated with other
> life and business tasks.
> For example, in Dired file manager or directory editor, I just press
> SUPER-M to mail the file or files to specific person, Emacs Lisp
> function asks me for name of person, I choose one email among others,
> and files are sent quickly, wthout launching separate software or
> email reader. Similar integration is within Android or Replicant
> operating systems. You can click on files and easier share them.
> That is example, anything can be done and extending new functions to
> well prepared foundation helps me in life.

I would love to read and get inspired by your emacs configuration. Is
it shared publicly somewhere?


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