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WRS/CRM/ERP within Emacs - Re: Lisp

From: Jean Louis
Subject: WRS/CRM/ERP within Emacs - Re: Lisp
Date: Tue, 15 Sep 2020 11:29:22 +0300
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* swedebugia <> [2020-09-14 09:13]:
> I'm interested in the SMS solution (do you use e.g. twilio?) and how
> you linked that together.

Any type of communication should be implemented through CRM systems,
sending email, initiating phone call and recording phone call and
results of such in the database, sending SMS and recording it, faxes
as well, XMPP or other communication types.

Emacs Lisp due to its "interface" already in place, together with Helm
and many extensions or packages is for me currently fastest and
optimal. By principle that everthing is text, also information in the
CRM is text. And I do not need to change windows from Emacs to
browser, from browser to editor, etc. From browser is not so easy
initiating calls, SMS, faxes, browser is for browsing, it was not
meant for calling programming functions or shell commands.

Emacs Lisp allows more freedom, I can call any outside command in easy
manner, I can find a contact and call SMS commands, initiate calls, I
can send email to email to fax providers and deliver such email or PDF
as fax to a remote machine, so many European companies are using fax
and fax communication is physical, something that appears in the
office, it is not virtual like email. Fax paper is found physically
there and means more than something virtual.

> Also storing business information, generating invoices, etc.

Define workflow, then we can together define the database tables, then
you will be able to insert information quickly.

My website form workflow is following:

- by principle, I do not keep databases online, this is big no for me,
  my contacts are my contacts, I do not want such to be compromised.

- I have made LISP CGI on the web, so the information is received as
  LISP data, and encrypted by using PGP, there is less than 1 second
  that it could be compromised on the server by skilled programmer, by
  listening to memory events, it is not totally safe. I wish to
  replace this part with Emacs accepting inquiries online through CGI,
  it will work about the same.

- data arrives to me, it looks readable, as one part of data I made as
  Common Lisp comment, so I just click one key and data is inserted
  into CRM, thus the new contact is created offline in the database,
  rather then online in the online database, then I click reply, and
  can answer to the contact, emails sent and emails received are all
  stored in one ~/Maildir/ for that contact and I
  can at all times access all conversation between me and such
  contact. You could have seen that on video.

- then if the contact is in the mailing list, it will receive emails
  periodically or by specific periods, and that is the sales system
  and sales are taking place, I have sold for hundreds of thousands of
  dollars already.


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