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Re: different noteheads / changing instrument / vertical rest-position

From: Rune Zedeler
Subject: Re: different noteheads / changing instrument / vertical rest-position
Date: Thu, 21 Jun 2001 17:19:33 +0100

Den 21-Jun-01 skrev Peter Maier:

PM> I want to make a drumset score. 

Take a look at input/test/ (or something, I haven't lily by the hand)

PM> 1. For this I need different noteheads for cymbal (cross) and the rest of
PM>   the drumset (default)

This is automatically handled by the scheme-scripts. If you wan't different
note heads than the defaults then it is quite easy to change. Take a look at
scm/drums.scm (or something like that) - it should be quite intuitive, afair.

PM> 2. I want to create a midi output-file with drumset instruments. how can i
PM>   change from piano to drums?

instrument = "drums"
Notice that you have to create two scores - one for the paper and one for the
The examples show how this is done.

PM> 3. I have 2 voices in the score. if there are in the upper voice one
PM>   quarter note and three crotchet rests (r4 c r r) and in the lower voice
PM>   is a semibreve (r1) then the last two rests are printed in the middle
PM>   of the staff.

This is a well known problem. Mats explained the hacky solution, and there is
no nice way of doing it at the moment.


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