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Re: different noteheads / changing instrument / vertical rest-position

From: Mats Bengtsson
Subject: Re: different noteheads / changing instrument / vertical rest-position
Date: Thu, 21 Jun 2001 13:45:20 +0200

> Hi!
> I want to make a drumset score. 
> 1. For this I need different noteheads for cymbal (cross) and the rest of
>    the drumset (default). I have tested the example where different
>    noteheads should be created. but I couldn't compile this example. (the
>    lilypond-compiler didn't recognize \set and \cross and some more
>    things) i have modified this example until the compiler could work with
>    it. but now all noteheads look like the default one. 

What version of Lilypond do you use? I recommend that you 
install some version 1.4.x and try the example file

> 2. I want to create a midi output-file with drumset instruments. how can i
>    change from piano to drums?

In the reference manual, section "Sounds", the following bug is listed:

     It is currently not possible to use the percussion channel 
     (generally channel 10 of a MIDI file)

Setting the MIDI channel would be an simple change in the code, 
the problem is that you want a good way to specify the different
sounds on the percussion channel. I don't even know how standardized
it is.

> 3. I have 2 voices in the score. if there are in the upper voice one
>    quarter note and three crotchet rests (r4 c r r) and in the lower voice
>    is a semibreve (r1) then the last two rests are printed in the middle
>    of the staff.
>    but i want to print all rests of a voice in the same height.
>    how can i tell the compiler that all rests of the upper voice should be 
>    printed on the upper half of the score and the rests from the lower
>    voice should be printed on the lower half?

You can explicitly specify the note line where the rests are 
typeset, see the example file input/regression/


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