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Re: super and sub of same text?

From: Mats Bengtsson
Subject: Re: super and sub of same text?
Date: Fri, 13 Apr 2001 11:38:04 +0200

> I use raw latex for my figured bass.
> Try   g_"$\scriptstyle 6$" for a single figure
>       g_"$^6_4$" for two
>       g_"$\stackrel{6}{^4_3}$" for three

I find it easier to let Lilypond stack the figures:

> I think you can use either \\flat or \\textflat and \\sharp or
> \\textsharp for accidentals.

For the latest Lilypond versions, I use the following declarations:

#(define text-flat '((font-relative-size . -2)
         ((raise . 0.2) (music "accidentals--1"))))
#(define text-natural '((font-relative-size . -2)
         ((raise . 0.35) (music "accidentals-0"))))
#(define text-sharp '((font-relative-size . -2)
         ((raise . 0.35) (music "accidentals-1"))))

Example of usage:

c_#text-sharp c_"6" _#text-flat _"2"
c_#`(rows "4 " ,text-sharp " 7") _"2 2 4"


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