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Your Release

From: dave
Subject: Your Release
Date: Thu, 12 Apr 2001 07:25:01 +0100

Want to take advantage of the world wide mobile phone texting SMS revolution 
(for free ;-) ?

How would you like your website URL to be attached to SMS text messages sent to 
music fans 
world wide by record labels promoting their new releases (off-line branding) 
which fans will pass on 
to their friends (viral brand marketing) ?

See 'MoTexT' inside


Pop Dance Rock Techno Trance Drum& Bass HipHop Garage House

This email is intended for owners and webmasters of music and entertainment 
websites. If you 
have inadvertently been sent an email I'm not sure how your email address got 
in there, please 
accept our sincere apologies. Please request 'remove' to address@hidden

reply via email to

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