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Re: Microsoft needs a help strategy

Subject: Re: Microsoft needs a help strategy
Date: Mon, 26 Jan 2009 10:29:33 -0600
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On 2009-01-25, ZnU <znu@fake.invalid> wrote:
> In article <>,
>  Rjack <> wrote:
>> With the advent of the Obama administration, it is generally
>> expected that the Justice Department and the FTC will become much
>> more aggressive in antitrust enforcement matters.
>> With Microsoft's OS share hovering around 90%,
>> how can Microsoft best subtly assist OSX and Linux in order to
>> avert antitrust prosecutions under the new administration that will
>> resemble those in the EU?
> I don't think you're going to see the new administration come down on 
> Microsoft as long as Microsoft maintains the status quo. If Microsoft 
> decides to pull a new stunt of similar scale to "integrating" IE, then 
> you might see some action.

...they don't need to.

Just the fact that they use Macs will leak out to the wider world
and that alone will have some impact. There also may be some 
impact that comes from accomodating those Mac users within the 
current IT infastructure at the White House and elsewhere.

The government doesn't need to "punish" Microsoft or any other abusive
corporation. They can simply choose to stop buying from them, or perhaps
make them work for it more.

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